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ONE // What's your name? BJ Dale

TWO // Age/Birthday: 15 years of age - 12 may 1989

THREE // Sexuality: Straight

FOUR // Location: Houston, Texas... i wish it was with my family and friends in Holland... there is more blond-haired blue-eyed people over there.

FIVE // Zodiac: Taurus

SIX // Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: My girlfriend dumped me a/b 2 weeks ago.

SEVEN // Favorite Music/Bands/Singers: I like techno, a little rap, some emo music.. Fave Bands are Coheed & Cambria, Brand New.. Dashboard Confessional.. DJ Tiësto is from Holland.. so i like him plus he's a good DJ... and DJ Encore is good too.

EIGHT // Favorite Movies:I have a lot... Wrong Turn... Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the new one)... Napolean Dynamite... American Pie 1 & 2.. American Wedding.. Stigmata.. Cruel Intentions .. Van Wilder... Valentine... all of the Austin Powers Movies.

NINE // Tell us something funny:What do you call a nazi tampon.... TWATSTICKA!!!

TEN // Pet peeves:People who don't try hard enough... like the fat dudes in my track class...

ELEVEN // Any hidden talents? I can speak Dutch, French and Finnish.

TWELVE // What is your guiltiest pleasure? Thinking about how the world SHOULD be... oo and laughing at fat people.

THIRTEEN // What would you kill for at this moment?: To get into Paris Hiltons pants... and to get accepted into this kickass community.

FOURTEEN // Any last confessions?If you let me in... I will be the  PERFECT member... and also... I do know.... yes i do.. I KNOW THE MUFFIN MAN.. *breaks into tears* .. he does live on Drury Lane.

FIFTEEN // Promote us. This is not optional. And tell us where you promoted.

SIXTEEN // 3 or more pictures: I have 3 OK pics of me... and 1 GREAT pic of my Finnish penpal Anastasia (she's in the blue dress)



well if you couldn't tell that i was Dutch before... you sure can now!

yeah i'm fucking elite and i wanna be in y'alls kickass community!



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