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I'm fucking elite


ONE //
What's your name?: Dave
TWO // Age/Birthday: 16/July 21
THREE // Sexuality: Bisexual
FOUR // Location:  Connecticut
FIVE // Zodiac: Cancer
SIX // Boyfriend/Girlfriend? No
SEVEN // Favorite Music/Bands/Singers: Rap/Hip hop/Some rock... Usher, Petey Pablo, Ludacris, No Doubt, Missy Elliott, Linkin Park, etc... 
EIGHT // Favorite Movies: Superstar, Pirates of the Carribean, American Pie movies
NINE // Tell us something funny: I have a dominatrix/master and I'm considered her bitch, it's funny because she's about a foot shorter than me and sometimes I'll let her spank me
TEN // Pet peeves: annoying parents, suburbia, being bored, boring people, reserved people, ignorance
ELEVEN // Any hidden talents?: writing, poetry, acting occasionally 
TWELVE // What is your guiltiest pleasure? hmm besides the obvious, chocolate, I never stop eating it
THIRTEEN // What would you kill for at this moment? to get out of this boring-ass house
FOURTEEN // Any last confessions? not that I know of
FIFTEEN // Promote us. This is not optional. And tell us where you promoted.
http://www.livejournal.com/community/angrybitches/SIXTEEN // 3 or more pictures:


i'm on the right... duhh


i'm in the middle obviously

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