This is your admittance test. //FuckingxElite;

this is your admittance test. are you in?
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A rating community for those that believe that they are fucking elite. Think you've got something? Apply.

ONE // This is a rating community. Therefore, the minute you submit your application, you have subjected yourself to our criticism. Some of us will be nice. Some of us won't. We ask you kindly, to deal with it when we're not nice.
THREE // DO NOT post comments on other entries until you are stamped. We WILL kick your ass out.
FOUR // I try to have all applicants to be at least 15 years old. [and please don't lie about your age] On rare occasions will we accept a 14 year old. So if you're 14, feel free to apply, but don't get all hissy if you're rejected because of your age.
FIVE // Be patient. You might not always be stamped right away, just remember, Mods have lives, too.
SIX // In your subject line, put 'I'm fucking elite' so we know you read the rules.
SEVEN // Grammar is your friend. DuN type lyke DiS or GesS wut? Ur n0t acCepteD!
EIGHT // You WILL use an lj cut. Don't know how? Go here.
[note: ] If you fail to use an lj cut, or your application is otherwise unreadable, you will be warned once, and if you do not fix it within 24 hours, you are auto-rejected.
NINE // Don't delete any comments in your application, or delete your application. Doing this will result in a ban. Plus, it's stupid and will get you put on our wall of shame.
TEN // BOLD the questions in your application. No one wants to have to discern where the question stops and your answer begins.
ELEVEN // If we reject you, don't reapply. It's going to be a waste of time.
TWELVE // In your application, post pictures that are clear shots of your face. So high contrast/photoshopped pictures. Anyone can look good photoshopped.

ONE // Put your vote in the subject line. I don't want to have to go vote hunting through your comments.
TWO // You can promote other communities as long as you promote this one there. I will check this from time to time.
THREE // BE ACTIVE! Can't say that enough. Don't just join the community so you can put another rating community under your "Accepted To" list on your userinfo. This is not a trophy community. VOTE. We will be watching who does or does not do this. If you are not going to be able to get on the computer for a while, or you're going on vacation, we understand. If you're planning to go away for a long time, let me know.
FOUR // Use an LJ cut if you are posting pictures.
FIVE // You can be as blunt as you want. People subjected themselves to our criticism, so we'll give it to them.
SIX // Promote!


ONE // What's your name?
TWO // Age/Birthday:
THREE // Sexuality:
FOUR // Location:
FIVE // Zodiac:
SIX // Boyfriend/Girlfriend?
SEVEN // Favorite Music/Bands/Singers:
EIGHT // Favorite Movies:
NINE // Tell us something funny:
TEN // Pet peeves:
ELEVEN // Any hidden talents?
TWELVE // What is your guiltiest pleasure?
THIRTEEN // What would you kill for at this moment?
FOURTEEN // Any last confessions?
FIFTEEN // Promote us. This is not optional. And tell us where you promoted.
SIXTEEN // 3 or more pictures:


_____brazen // Mod and owner. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestion, etc regarding fuckingxelite let her know.

blooberri // Co-Mod. Any questions suggestions, etc, concerning the stamped members list, contact her.